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  • Tartan Stripe Scarf

    Tartan Stripe Scarf

    This colourful scarf comes in two background colours - black or blue, guaranteed to brighten up any outfit.
  • Terry Flowers Scarf

    Terry Flowers Scarf

    This great scarf comes in five colourways: Navy, Black, Grey, Mustard and Green. Perfect for cooler days ahead.
  • Terry Leaf Scarf

    Terry Leaf Scarf

    This scarf comes in a choice of five colours - grey, mustard, red, grey/mustard and green.
  • The Alice Necklace

    The Alice Necklace

    This fabulously contemporary necklace features three candy stripped acrylic semi-oval discs at the front with seven beautifully translucent blue beads on each side. This would be a great addition to any jewellery collection.
  • The Amelia Necklace

    The Amelia Necklace

    This statement necklace featuring three plain sky blue and two patterned oval-shaped resin discs in complementary tones of blue and green will jazz up any outfit.
  • The Amy Necklace

    The Amy Necklace

    Bold and contemporary, this necklace looks great while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • The Andrea Necklace

    The Andrea Necklace

    The perfect special gift or treat for yourself, this necklace is made from a selection of round and oval shapes in a variety of Autumnal russet tones.
  • The Anna Necklace

    The Anna Necklace

    A unique design with four chunky beads on one side - two in deepest midnight blue, turquoise and amber and on the other, oval interlinked acrylic shapes in shades of blue and amber. This necklace will add a stylish statement to any outfit.
  • The Bella Necklace

    The Bella Necklace

    Celebrate all that's beautiful when you're wearing this Van Gogh inspired statement necklace. It will enhance any outfit while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • The Beth Necklace

    The Beth Necklace

    This pretty necklace with beads of soft orange, cream and silver will add a playful pop to any dress or outfit.
  • The Bridget Necklace

    The Bridget Necklace

    Stand out in those zoom meetings with this pretty necklace in midnight blue and cream. It's easy to wear and surprisingly lightweight.
  • The Candy Necklace

    The Candy Necklace

    This three strand necklace would look good paired with an open neck shirt, scoop necked t shirt - or really just about anything!
  • The Carla Necklace

    The Carla Necklace

    Bold and brightly coloured, this fabulous necklace with oval beads of rich red, hot orange and vibrant green makes quite a statement!
  • The Carlotta Necklace

    The Carlotta Necklace

    This three strand eye-catching necklace is funky and fun and just so light and easy to wear.
  • The Carmen Necklace

    The Carmen Necklace

    Channel that Sixties vibe with this fabulous show-stopper of a necklace. We think it would look great worn with perhaps a silk kaftan while sipping cocktails and watching an Ibizan sunset.
  • The Catherine Necklace

    The Catherine Necklace

    A delightfully pretty graduated three strand necklace with turquoise and cream beads is guaranteed to brighten up any outfit.
  • The Clara Necklace

    The Clara Necklace

    Modern, fun, unusual and striking, this statement necklace will enhance any dress or outfit.
  • The Clarissa Classic Necklace

    The Clarissa Classic Necklace

    This style is called 'The Classic' because it is just that, a classic style that perfectly frames your face and is always in fashion. The rich red beads will stand out on both light and dark clothing.
  • The Claudia Necklace

    The Claudia Necklace

    A unique design that will add a really bold statement to a minimal everyday outfit.
  • The Corinne Necklace

    The Corinne Necklace

    This extra-long necklace can be worn just the way it is - or you can wrap it round twice for a shorter look. It will brighten up any outfit while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • The Gina Gloves

    The Gina Gloves

    The Gina gloves come in four colourways: mushroom, navy, pink and silver. With a super-soft fleecy lining and covered buttons, they make the finishing touch to any outfit.
  • The Ginny Gloves

    The Ginny Gloves

    The Ginny Gloves have a quirky twist - with pops of bright colours and covered buttons they create a playful vibe.
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  • The Giselle Gloves

    The Giselle Gloves

    The Giselle Gloves come in four colourways: black, brown, navy and grey. They have a super-soft fleecy lining which will keep your hands toasty warm as well as looking fabulously elegant!